1. Know what to say in your favorite conversation topics

We all have interests that we are passionate about- be it the projects, your hobbies, or jobs. Take time to note down your favorite things. Making a relevant list helps to choose the easiest conversational topics.

Read the list and see how you can talk about each topic. Learn to maneuver and stall a conversation by sharing your opinions and asking for the other person’s interests.

As I love my job as a fashion designer, I always talk about the current trends in the industry. …

1. Plenty of fluids

It’s a well-established fact that when you’re fighting a cold, it’s good to drink plenty of fluids. Water, tea, soup, and other beverages help keep your body hydrated, which is particularly helpful when tackling a fever. They can make it easier for you to breathe by loosening the congestion in your nasal passages and chest.

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However, don’t consume any alcohol or caffeine because they can make you dehydrated. They can also keep you from sleeping and resting — which are essential for a quick recovery.

2. Get some rest

Give your body some time to heal itself. You might feel like taking initiative to…

1. Avoid Triggers

Quitting anything is extraordinarily difficult, and can be even more difficult when you’re constantly surrounded by temptations.

If your friends are constantly meeting up at the bar, or your workplace social events are primarily alcohol-based, temptations can be almost impossible to get away from.

Try suggesting alternative, alcohol-free places where you and your friends can meet up. Taking a walk in the park or having a cup of coffee are good places to start.

2. Examine Your Relationship with Alcohol

When beginning to quit drinking, you will first want to start by examining your relationship with alcohol.

First figure out how much you actually drink in…

1. Regular Trims

When you want to grow your hair longer, cutting your hair will sound the complete opposite. Not having a haircut in a long while can also result in split ends. Split ends increase the chances of hair breakage at the tips, which can reduce the overall length of your hair. Go to a salon for regular trims to speed up hair growth or you can cut them at home. You can also ask your partner, friend, or family member to chop roughly half an inch of your hair tips.

2. Castor oil treatment

Castor oil is a superhero when it comes to hair care…

1. Use natural light

Artificial lighting can make your white rice, plates, and tables appear orange. When photographing food, colors are an extremely important element and you want them to appear as accurate as possible.

Photographing food in natural daylight gives a beautiful still life photo. Ideally, the best kind of natural light for taking pictures of your food is diffused and soft daylight. Warm weather works fine, but try to steer clear of an excessively bright sun since that results in exposure problems and casts harsh shadows.

2. Choose a decent angle

There are only so many angles for photographing food. Nevertheless, you want it to be a…

1. Make your audience laugh

Humor can help you lighten the mood, and it’s integrally persuasive too. Laughter will help communicate that you’re accessible and will allow the audience to feel more engaged and comfortable with whatever you have to say.

2. Use a powerful quote

Tap into another well-known person’s credibility by quoting a wise person. Make sure, however, that the quote is relevant for the audience.

If you’re speaking at a charity event, for example, start by using Gandhi’s quote, “Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ …

1. Create an outline before you start writing

Before you start writing your essay, do your research and create a proper structure and outline. Put all your ideas from your head into the paper. Figure out the introduction, middle, and conclusion part. Once you have enough idea on how you want to frame this essay, start your research and list your main ideas. Doing this will allow you to see connections and will help you in writing a more organized essay.

2. Do your research

Before you even begin writing your essay, you want to make sure you are informed on the topic you will be writing about. This is where research…

1. Practice mindfulness

This is a long-term process but has lots of benefits. Lately, mindfulness has gained a lot of traction owing to its apparent advantages for mental health.

If you find yourself under constant tension, join a class. It’s extremely likely that you’ll at least see an improvement in your stress levels.

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2. Try the 4 7 8 technique

A great way to destress is by controlling your breathing. Controlling your breathing keeps you centered and aware of your body, and less prone to panicking and letting anxiety get the better of you.

The 4 7 8 technique can help significantly with stress. First breathe in quietly through your…

1. Be Ready to Change Yourself

An apology means nothing if you are not ready to mend your ways. If you are sorry about something, try not to repeat it. Change yourself for good and stop hurting the ones you love. To have a happy and healthy relationship with your loved ones, focus on changing what is causing the problem and avoid the problem from happening again.

2. Use the 3 Steps

An effective apology follows 3 simple steps:

1. Express remorse. Say you’re sorry. It sounds obvious, but make sure you do it as it makes your apology that much more effective and sincere.

2. Admit responsibility. Say what you…

The masterpiece cardgame Race for the Galaxy is intricate as hell. Here’s how to up your game.

1. Build a card engine

Make sure you have an engine for producing cards. Cards are the currency for a lot of things you want to attain in this game. You typically do not want to repeatedly select the phase Explore late in the game just to get currency for other phases (or even for coming rounds).

Either you can build a card engine via modifiers on developments or worlds … or you can make sure you regularly produce goods which you can trade.

2. Look at what your opponents are doing

If you want to…

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