Best Ways to Flirt with a girl in person

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2 min readMar 16, 2021


1. Let her know you’ve been thinking about her

Word of advice: Don’t just point-blank state this to her during your first interaction.

But yes, girls love being told that they have been on your mind. Perhaps she had recommended a new track that you heard and loved, or maybe you came across a track that reminded you of her. Share this with her and see how she reacts. It’s likely she will first smile and then appreciate that you were thinking about her.

2. No cheesy lines please

If you think cheesy lines make women think you’re clever — you couldn’t be more wrong! Instead, she’ll just think you have no game. Pick-up lines are such a drag and unoriginal. It also leaves a girl confused because she doesn’t know how to react when a new guy who she has just met asks if she has “fallen from heaven.”

If you really want to be smooth, be original and sincere. Tell her something she can respond to without being confused or feeling awkward — like a genuine compliment.

3. Tell Her She’s Smart

When she figures a way out to solve a problem or gives you an epic idea, give her a sincere compliment that she deserves. Women like to be cherished and when she shows how smart she is, treat her like a boss. Say something like: ‘You are so smart, I’d be a lucky guy to be your boyfriend.’ Or keep it mild and say; ‘I couldn’t think of that, You’re very smart.

4. Avoid Backhanded Compliments

Women hate compliments that compare them or insult them. A compliment that insults her kind, race, gender, or anything that she is proud of will be a turn-off. Avoid saying things like; “You are too smart to be blonde” or “If you were not so pretty, I would have never dated you”

5. Let your sense of humor shine

When you kid around with a girl, it’s best to start with topical references or observational humor.

Making fun of your friend or some random person that’s sitting across the bar is going to make you look like a mean person, and anything that is self-deprecating will make her feel like you’re a bummer to be around.

Your best bet to show interest is to crack a joke and see where things head from there.

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