Best Ways to Disinfect granite countertops

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3 min readMar 10, 2021


1. Clean Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are solid marble that is resistant to bacterial growth and mostly stain resistant. However, there are some tips for cleaning the granite, that you should keep in mind. Frequent use of bleach, vinegar, or other strong cleaning products can make the granite countertops fade. Instead, use some dish soap to clean them.

Mix some dish soap with water and scrub the countertops with the solution. Grab a towel and dip it in water. Use it to wipe the countertops twice or until the soap comes off. Use a dry cloth to wipe excess water and give the countertops a clean finish.

2. Soapy Solution

A little dishwashing liquid mixed in water is perfect for disinfecting granite countertops because the soap strips away grease or oil, cleans and disinfects the counter-top. Use a scrubber to scrub dirt, debris, or grease. Use a towel or cloth to wipe the counter-tops. Soak it in water to clear up the soap bubbles and give the counter-top a neat finish.

3. Get a Kitchen Anti-bacterial Cleaner

Kitchen anti-bacterial cleaners are easy to use and can also disinfect. You can clean, kitchen countertops, stoves, tiles, cabinets, windows, and glass in the kitchen with the anti-bacterial cleaner. You can find a kitchen cleaner easily at the grocery store or order one online.

4. Dish Soap and Disinfect

Dish soap is usually more than enough to clean and sanitize your granite countertops. You could throw in some hot water to get a thorough clean. If you’re looking to disinfect the countertops properly, you can use a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol. Just spray the liquid onto the countertop and let it sit for a few minutes. Afterward, rinse it with water and dry it out with a clean cloth.

5. Care

Granite countertops can stay shiny and good as new for years if taken care of, the right way. To clean the countertops, use a wet washcloth or towel. Avoid using knives or steel scrubber brushes on the granite countertop. If there is grime or grease, use a grease-cutting cleaner.

If the granite is stained or damaged, it might need resealing or replacement which can only be done by professionals.

6. Vinegar

Although prolonged use of vinegar can cause discoloration of the granite counter-top, you can use it once in a while to disinfect the counter-top. Vinegar is effective in killing most types of germs, which makes it a natural disinfectant.

Pour one part water and one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the entire surface of the counter-top and wipe with a cloth. If you don’t have an empty spray bottle. Dip the cloth in the vinegar-water mixture and clean the counter-top. To avoid watermarks, wipe away the excess water with a dry towel or cotton cloth.

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