Best Ways to Call a girl cute

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3 min readMar 18, 2021


1. Be Genuine

To call a girl cute, the first and most important point is to not be creepy. Secondly, your compliment should sound genuine and uniquely tailored for her to stand out. Avoid using a cheesy comment because chances are, she’ll think you’re a cheesy guy and definitely, your chances of going on a date will be reduced. Dig deeper and avoid going with comments such as nice, pretty, or beautiful. Notice her or talk to her and try to understand what is she passionate about, what makes her actually attractive. A genuine compliment should bring a smile to her face and make her interested in talking to you.

2. Add Creativity

Relationship experts say that creative comments are more admired by women than literal ones. For example, if you really like her eyes, don’t just say; “your eyes are sexy” go beyond the sexy, pretty, amazing words. If she has blue eyes tell her,” Your eyes are a clear sky”. Similarly, if she has green eyes, say; “I love your precious emerald eyes”.

3. Avoid Backhanded Compliments

Sometimes women might find a genuine compliment insulting although you did not mean to offend them because you unintentionally insult something that is important to them. Calling a girl “Too pretty to be a teacher” might sound offensive to a woman who loves her job as a teacher. Make sure that you don’t compare her or call her better than something when giving compliments.

4. Compliment Something Other Than Physical Beauty

Women are used to hearing compliments about how beautiful they are all the time. If you really want to get her attention and want her to think about you later, compliment her personality, passion, habits, or abilities. If she’s funny and outgoing give her a compliment like; “I like how you can cheer everyone around you”.

5. Be a Gentleman

Women fall for gentlemen hands down. The man who holds the door for her pulls out a chair for her, and offers his help to change the car tire is the one she adores. These small habits and the way you treat women around you matter because women notice them and appreciate them in men. When she goes out with you, open the car door for her, pull the chair for her and escort her to her car.

6. Hype her up on social media

It may be quite intimidating to go up to someone and tell them you find them attractive. A more subtle way of testing the waters is through social media. When your girl posts a cute picture, comment on the post to let her know you think she looks good. If you’d like something less public, you can always direct message her and tell her you think she looks beautiful. Either it will pay off or the girl will just say thank you. At least you tried to shoot your shot.

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