Best Ways to keep a Conversation Going

1. Know what to say in your favorite conversation topics

We all have interests that we are passionate about- be it the projects, your hobbies, or jobs. Take time to note down your favorite things. Making a relevant list helps to choose the easiest conversational topics.

Read the list and see how you can talk about each topic. Learn to maneuver and stall a conversation by sharing your opinions and asking for the other person’s interests.

As I love my job as a fashion designer, I always talk about the current trends in the industry. Not only does it reflect my personality but also helps me to get noticed by other people at a party or an event.

2. Ask open-ended questions

One way to keep a conversation alive is to let the other person speak. The best way to let others speak is to ask open-ended questions. Whenever I am in a business event, I don’t ask questions that require only a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Instead, I ask questions that have the possibility of rich answers. For instance, my signature open-ended question is, ‘what do you think of this event?’

Open-ended questions encourage people to talk and be involved for as long as you want.

3. Start Simple

Some simple ways to get the conversation going are:

1. Tell the person your name and then ask for theirs.

2. Ask what kind of things they like to do, and maybe tell them something you like.

3. Ask follow-up questions, like where do they work or go to school.

4. If the conversation isn’t coming naturally yet, try asking viewpoint questions, like: What do you think about this weather? or What’s your favorite food or music?

These basic ideas will have you well on your way to an effective introduction! Remember though, try to just follow the flow, as long as you’re comfortable with the subject, talk about whatever the other person wants to.

4. Blurt

Often two people want the conversation going but both of them end the convo in silence because of fear. Back in the day, I used to hesitate after speaking for 5 minutes. why? The fear used to take my ability to speak. I thought that the other person listening is getting bored and does not want to continue.

However, it was not the reality. One of my colleagues told me how elegantly I speak about the things I am passionate about and people at work love it! Instead of censoring yourself, speak whatever you are thinking about at that moment.

5. Be engaging

To keep a conversation going longer than just a word or two, make sure you’re giving the other person enough material to go on. If you’re only replying to them with phrases like “sure”, or “that’s cool”, then you’re making the other person do all of the conversational heavy lifting and not contributing very much yourself.

Try to ask open-ended questions (ones that need to be answered with more than a “yes” or “no”), and saying what you think rather than just nodding along.

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Best Ways To: Listicles on every thinkable subject. Learn a lot or share your own best ways with everyone else.

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Best Ways To

Best Ways To

Best Ways To: Listicles on every thinkable subject. Learn a lot or share your own best ways with everyone else.

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